Summer Collection 2016 

Pink Hydrangea  £25.00 

This exquisite hydrangea with its variegated petals is simply enchanting. Notice how the colour changes from soft pink to lighter green tones? This gift will look lovely in their home and can also be planted in a sunny spot outdoors whilst the weather is still warm and it should thrive.

Purple Campanula Teacup  £25.00

This striking purple flowering Campanula creates a shimmering canopy of colour that contrasts beautifully with the lush green ivy leaves. This charming gift is a great choice that not only looks attractive, it's sure to prompt a smile of delight when they notice the cute teacup planter too.

Summer Gift Bag  £25.00

Surprise them with this gift of vibrant seasonal flowers and they're sure to be delighted. To make the best impression we've chosen a selection of bright cerise blooms contrasted with lime green, and then added these lovely warm peachy pink roses. An adorable gift.

Petite Summer Basket  £25.00

This petite summer basket makes a charming gift and is perfect for displaying straight away on a window ledge or table. We've filled it with some delightful summer blooms in vibrant shades including cheerful germini and black eye yellow spray chrysanthemums that look just like mini sunflowers.

Summer Flowering Planter  £27.00

Summer is the season best known for its bright fresh colours, which is why we were inspired by these beautiful flowering plants in rich pink and purple. Set side by side in a pretty wooden planter and finished with ivy, this gift is perfect for putting in pride of place on a sunny window ledge.

Summer Basket  £27.00

Inspired by the enchanting natural beauty of a summer garden in bloom, we've designed this gift to capture the spirit of the season. Displayed in a classic basket, this selection of exquisite fresh flowers includes roses, germini and sweet william in cool, fresh tones.

Vibrant Summer Perfect Gift  £29.00

We've chosen radiant golden yellows and hot pinks in this sensational display. Beautifully presented with a balance of contrasting colours and textures, this glorious summer gift is ready to take pride of place on arrival.

Summer Brights Arrangement  £30.00

The bright contrasting colours in this summery centrepiece creates an uplifting mood that's full of promise. Expertly arranged and beautifully presented, this gift will not only be a pleasant surprise, it will also bring and instant burst of seasonal colour to their home.

Rose and Kalanchoe Planted Basket  £30.00

This basket of flowering plants is like a miniature garden that can be enjoyed inside for weeks to come. They'll love the pretty white kalanchoe flowers, the purple campanula - and the radiant yellow rose plant will bring a burst of summery sunshine to their room.

Summer Sunshine Hand Tied  £30.00

When it comes to flowers, summer is perhaps the most colourful of the seasons. We've captured the warmth of summer sunshine with this beautiful bouquet in vibrant tones. A lovely gift for someone special.

Summer Hand Tied  £30.00

Just like a summer garden in full bloom, this pretty hand tied bouquet is bursting with colour, texture and variety. For this selection we included lots of favourites including charming sweet williams, classic dahlias and a timeless pink rose as the centrepiece.

Hazy Days Summer Vase Arrangement  £35.00

Summer is the season of warm, sultry colours from hot pink and fresh green to warm peach and coral tones. We've included the whole spectrum in this exquisite arrangement of seasonal flowers. It's an eye catching gift that's just perfect for this time of year.

Summer Elegance Arrangement  £35.00

This beautiful arrangement has an understated elegance that really draws the eye. Showcasing a selection of favourite summer flowers perfectly, this is a gift that has style, sophistication and charm in equal measure.

Duo Hydrangea Planter  £35.00

We've chosen a pair of impressive flowering hydrangea plants in bright, summery pink to create this very pretty gift. Whatever the occasion, this seasonal basket is a celebration of colour and freshness which they can savour for weeks to come.

Sunflower Celebration Hand Tied  £35.00 

These glorious sunflowers are the perfect summer flower gift with their vibrant golden petals and radiant, sunshine shaped flowers. Here we've added lilies and alstromeria in a stunning hot pink. It's the ideal combination for an uplifting, celebratory bouquet.