Spring Collection 2024
Dazzling Mixed Planted Hatbox  £35.00

Created as part of our Spring gift collection, Dazzling Mix Planted Hatbox is the perfect choice to send a loved one to celebrate. Our flower team source the freshest blooms including cerise and yellow primrose, blue muscari, yellow narcissi and natural birch and plant in a luxury cream hatbox.
Dazzling Mix Planted Hatbox makes a wonderful floral gift this Spring, and as it comes planted in a hatbox the recipient doesn’t need to worry about finding a vase.

Starting Date 24th January.
Blazing Beauty Gift Box  £35.00 / £45.00

Blazing Beauty Gift Box is part of our Spring collection, and is created using some of Spring’s finest seasonal flowers. Our skilled florists source fresh flowers in vibrant jewel tones to create a bright and unusual bouquet of flowers.
We use a stunning combination of blooms including cerise germini and alstroemeria, yellow chrysanthemum and roses, tulips and blue anemone. For extra greenery texture, our flower team add pistache and salal tips. Beautifully presented in our fuchsia garden kraft box and tied with luxury pink ribbon, making Blazing Beauty Gift Box the perfect floral gift to send this Spring. 
Golden Skies Hand Tied  £40.00 / £50.00

Designed by skilled florists to capture the colours of a Spring sunset sky. Our Golden Skies hand-tied includes seasonal flowers blue iris, yellow roses, yellow solidago and purple statice. We add a touch of greenery with pistache, before wrapping the blooms in luxury kraft paper and tie with branded ribbon. 
A colourful and cheerful bouquet of Spring flowers to send to celebrate a birthday, say congratulations, thank you gift or simply just because!
Tulip Medley Jug  £45.00

Designed by expert florists to celebrate Spring’s iconic flowers – Tulips! Our simple and stylish Tulip Medley Jug contains a mix of vibrant tulips in yellow, red, pink and purple shades. The fresh tulips are arranged in a cream jug and we add a dash of yellow limonium for colourful texture.
Tulip Medley Jug is sure to bring a splash of Spring joy to the recipient upon delivery, and they can easily display the flowers in the home. 
Bold Brights Planted Basket  £40.00

Created as part of our Spring gift collection, Bold Brights Planted Basket is the perfect choice to send a loved one to celebrate. Our florists source the freshest flowers including mixed primrose, blue muscari, yellow narcissi and boston fern and plant in a luxury woven willow basket. 
Bold Brights Planted Basket makes a lovely floral gift this Spring, and is like a mini happy garden but inside! It is easy to care for, and as it comes with a presentation basket the recipient doesn’t need to worry about finding a vase. 

Starting Date 24th January
Sunny Days Hand Tied  £45.00 / £55.00

Sunny Spring days were on our florists’ mind when they designed this beauty! Sunny Days Hand-tied has been expertly created using bright and cheerful blooms, sure to bring pure joy when they are delivered.

Our flower team use a mix orange germini, orange roses, lemon alstroemeria, blue iris, yellow solidago, tulips and narcissi. We add pistache and rosemary for scented greenery, bringing a touch of a traditional English garden to Sunny Days Hand-tied. We wrap the flowers in kraft paper and tie with ribbon for the perfect floral gift.
Peach Sundae Vase  £45.00 / £55.00

Our gorgeous Peach Sundae Vase has been designed by expert florists to celebrate some of our favourite Spring blooms. We source the finest stems including peach and cream roses, purple tulips, cerise alstroemeria and pink Limonium to create Peach Sundae Vase.  The flowers are beautifully arranged in a stylish rose glass vase, which makes a lovely keepsake gift. 
Fragrant Whites Vase  £45.00 / £55.00

An elegant vase arrangement using seasonal flowers in crisp white and soft greens. Our Fragrant Whites Vase from our Spring Collection has been expertly designed by our florists, and includes white freesia, white narcissi, white stocks, ivory roses, white waxflower and pistache. The blooms are arranged in our stylish olive green and gold vase, the perfect floral gift to send a loved one this Spring. 
Tutti Frutti Hand Tied  £45.00 / £55.00

A beautiful mix of seasonal flowers that capture a garden blooming in Spring. Our expertly designed Tutti Frutti Hand-tied is a stylish gift of pretty pastel flowers to send a loved one. 
Our flower team use some of our most popular Spring flowers to create Tutti Frutti Hand-tied, including peach roses, lilac stocks, purple clematis, pink lisianthus and white wax flower. For a lovely full texture look we add pistache, natural birch and grevillea before wrapping in kraft paper and tie with ribbon. 
Tutti Frutti Hand-tied is a thoughtful floral gift to send this Spring to say congratulations, thinking of you or simply just to spoil someone special!
Spring Sunlight Hand Tied  £40.00 / £45.00

Add a dazzle of Spring to someone’s day with our gorgeous Spring Sunlight Hand-tied. Crafted with the finest seasonal blooms by expert florists, this cheerful Spring bouquet includes daffodils, yellow germini, yellow narcissi, cream carnations, Limonium and white tanacetum. We add a dash of lush pistache for green texture, which makes the yellow and white flower colours really pop.

For the perfect Spring flowers to be delivered direct to the lucky recipient, we hand wrap the stems in kraft paper and tie with luxury ribbon.
Purple Twilight Hand Tied  £40.00 / £45.00

Beautiful blooms in soft lilac and pink shades, Purple Twilight Hand-tied is a dreamy vision of an English Spring garden during sunset. A stylish and elegant bouquet of seasonal blooms, that are perfect to say thinking of you, love you lots or thanks a bunch. 

Our skilled florists use pale pink roses, blue iris, purple lisianthus, lilac stocks and blue veronica with a touch of green pistache. For the perfect finishing touch, we wrap the flowers in kraft paper and tie with luxury ribbon, making Purple Twilight Hand-tied a stunning floral gift to send this Spring.
Citrus Squeeze Hatbox  £45.00

Our Citrus Squeeze Hatbox has been carefully designed  by skilled florists using bright blooms to celebrate Spring. Seasonal flowers in vibrant colours are beautifully presented in a luxury hatbox, the perfect gift to send this Spring.
Our flower team use yellow and orange roses, cerise ranunculus, purple lisianthus and yellow solidago to create Citrus Squeeze hatbox. We arrange the fresh blooms in a soft cream and black hatbox, making this a luxurious floral gift to send a loved one to celebrate. 
Grapefruit Crush Hatbox  £55.00 / £65.00

Exclusively designed for our Spring Collection, Grapefruit Crush Hatbox adds a pastel twist for seasonal flowers. Our florists use some of our favourite blooms including pink chrysanthemum, pink Limonium, cerise ranunculus, peach roses and white waxflower. We add pistache, salal tips and rosemary for Spring fragrance and green texture. 
The hand-tied flowers are presented in a luxury black and cream hatbox, and finished with kraft paper and branded ribbon. The perfect flowers to send a loved one to add a pop of Spring colour to their day. 
Zesty Rose Hand Tied  £60.00

Created by expert florists for our exclusive Luxury Flower Range, Zesty Rose Hand-tied has a colourful tropical twist.
Zesty Rose Hand-tied contains a stunning mix of blooms including roses in peach pink and yellow shades, yellow limonium and white tanacetum. To create the full volume and luxurious texture our flower team also add bupleurum, natural birch, grevillea, pistache and salal tips. We wrap the flowers in kraft paper and tie with branded ribbon, making Zesty Rose Hand-tied a beautiful bouquet to deliver to someone special. 
Berry Smoothie Hand Tied  £70.00

Designed by expert florists, Berry Smoothie hand-tied is part of our stunning Spring collection. We source a mix of seasonal flowers in pretty pastel shades to create Berry Smoothie hand-tied, that really captures the feeling of an English country garden coming in to full bloom.
This elegant hand-tied includes pink antirrhinum and lisianthus, purple clematis and lilac stocks, ivory roses and white lilac. Our flower team add natural birch, pistache and salal tips for greenery and texture. We carefully wrap the flowers in kraft paper and tie with branded ribbon for the perfect finishing touch.