Autumn Collection 2023
Autumn Door Wreath  £50.00

These stunning bespoke door wreaths are a real head turner this season. A combination of dried Autumnal goodies including 'Little Jacks' Pumpkins, Lotus pods, Pine cones and Grouse feathers. Not a piece of plastic in sight!
Autumn Trend Hand Tied  £45.00 / £55.00 / £65.00

A playful but elegant bouquet. A mixture of dried and fresh seasonal flowers in neutral and stylish tones of the season. An Instagramable beauty!
Pumpkin Spiced Hand Tied  £45.00 / £55.00 / £65.00

Celebrate the season in style with this cheerful hand tied bouquet which includes 'Teddy Bear' sunflowers, stunningly bright orange roses, Chinese lanterns and an adorable little pumpkin. 
Autumn Sunset Hand Tied  £45.00 / £55.00 / £65.00

This stunning hand tied bouquet depicts the beauty of the sunset in the Autumn. A riot of colour including 'Teddy Bear' sunflowers, 'Fire Flash' spray roses and Cerise Matthiola. 
St Clement's Hand Tied  £35.00 / £40.00 / £45.00

A joyful Autumnal bouquet full of Ruby red and burnt orange Germini. A perfect seasonal gift guaranteed to bring a smile.
Golden Sunrise Hand Tied  £40.00 / £50.00 / £60.00

Perfectly seasonal, this bouquet invokes the senses. Brimming with autumnal favourites including Hydrangea, scented lilies and soft yellow roses. A beautiful display to take their breath away.
Evening at the Funfair Hand Tied  £65.00

Feel the joy of a crisp evening at the funfair. You can almost smell the Candy Floss! This scrummy hand tied bouquet is full of happiness including sunny yellow Craspedia, two-toned Anthirrinum, bright cerise spray roses and stunning two-toned Dahlia. 
Firecracker Hand Tied  £55.00 / £65.00 / £75.00

A gorgeous display of burnt oranges and reds which really encapsulates this Autumn season. The bouquet includes firm favourites such as red Hydrangea, Rose hips and Orange Fox Dahlia. 
'Kicking up the Leaves' Hand Tied  £35.00 / £45.00 / £55.00

This gift really feels like those special Autumn walks in the park. The livid green combined with the dark red leaves really is very special. This long lasting bouquet will suit any room and it's sure to delight your special someone.
Autumn Equinox Hand Tied  £40.00 / £45.00 / £50.00

A fiery combination of stunning reds and pinks. Gorgeous sumptuous shades that look beautiful together including fire red hydrangea, cerise matthiola, climbing clematis and soft pink lisianthus. This gift is sure to raise a smile.

Bonfire Night Jug Arrangement  £45.00

The colours of this beautiful jug of flowers really symbolises the colours and joy of Bonfire night. It includes firm favourites such as Amour Hydrangea, Sunflowers and lilac Matthiola.